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Every year Colorado High School Charter makes an attempt to provide each of their students with Thanksgiving basket. Most of the baskets are donated to the school from caring people and businesses. We were happy to be apart of this wonderful charity. Happy Thanksgiving from the Bissell Dental Family.


Volunteering at the Zoo and Putting Dreams to Work

What’s new in our office??? IMG_2304



Our Hygienist Patti has started a volunteer program at the Denver Zoo. Patti has spent the last couple of months going through an extensive evaluation process to become a zoo volunteer. It is her dream to one day put her hygiene skills to work on the animals at the zoo. How cool would that be to clean the teeth of a Lion! If everything goes well she may get that opportunity, until then she is having a blast volunteering at the main gate and helping out with special events.
Patti will keep us updated at on her zoo adventures.


Bissell Dental Group

Invites you to a

Premier Designs Jewelry Shopping Extravaganza!


Get all your Mother’s Day gifts in one place.  There’s jewelry for every woman, every age, every style.  You’re sure to find something she’ll just love!

 Date: Thursday, April 30th, 2015

Time: 2pm-5pm

Location: 1660 S Albion St, Suite 607, Denver 80222

RSVP: 303-757-6139

March Madness Drawing


The entire month of March Bissell Dental Group is having an in office drawing for patients who are scheduled in March to win two tickets to a Denver Nuggets game and $50 gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings.
We will draw a name at the end of the day March 31st. Good Luck to all who enter.


Remember to refer your friends and family to our office and receive $50 credit toward your next dental experience.

Giving Back to our Community and Beyond - Bissell Dental Provides Dental Services to Those in Need

On the front page of our website you will see a quote which states “At the Bissell Dental Group we are passionate about oral health and creating beautiful smiles.”  We treat our patients like they are family and provide only the best dental care to each of them.  Throughout the year we reach outside the bounds of our practice to help those in need, both within our Denver community and abroad.

Colorado High School Charter (Thanksgiving Basket)

Colorado High School Charter (Thanksgiving Basket)







Bissell Dental Group donates dental services to the Dental Lifeline Network through the Donated Dental Services program.  Through this important project, dentists donate comprehensive care to people who cannot afford needed treatment because they have a permanent disability, are elderly or medically at-risk.  Each year we work hand in hand with specialists and labs who also donate services to provide restored oral health and beautiful smiles to special patients.

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Dental Life Donated Dental Services








Dr. Bissell is a member of the Cherry Creek Rotary Club.  Dr. Bissell and Patti (our hygienist) take part in the Rotary’s Mission trip each year which travels abroad to provide dental services to poverty stricken areas in Panama, Nicaragua, Chile, Ecuador, and Argentina.  Rotarian Dentists, hygienists and support staff from across the United States gather donated supplies from their vendors, donate their services, vacation time and expenses to help adults and children who have no access to dental care.  Most of the patients have never been to a dentist, but have never held a toothbrush and need to be taught how to use it.  Often times the patients need to have multiple teeth extracted followed by comprehensive oral hygiene instruction to being the journey to good oral health.

Nicaragua 2014

Nicaragua mission trip  2014

2014-10-06 10.06.59

Nicaragua mission trip 2014

2014-10-06 15.45.33

Nicaragua mission trip 2014

Nicaragua mission trip 2014

Nicaragua mission trip 2014








Bissell Dental Group enjoys participating in many smaller local activities throughout the year such as the Rocky Mountain Food Banks holiday food drive, Thanksgiving Food basket donations to local low-income schools, and the Rocky Mountain Harley Davidson Annual Toy Run.  Giving back feels GOOD and is FUN!


Why You Don’t Need to Fear the Dentist

You may not have been to the dentist in years, and for some it is because of lack of dental insurance or just a busy life style but for many it is just an experience avoided at all costs. At Bissell Dental group we have seen a variety of patients over the years that fear the dentist and are trying to get back into the chair again. 

Here are a few things to remember when you are debating whether or not to try going to the dentist again:

  1. Find the Right Dentist: Not all dentists are the same and you should find a dentist who understands your fears and is patient enough to work with you.
  2. Advancements in Medicine: Technology has also advanced dentistry, if you had a bad experience as a child odds are most of the machines dentists use now will look foreign to you. Much less invasive, painful and time consuming thanks to technology.
  3. Sooth & Calm: Practicing calming techniques before you go to the dentist, yoga and breathing exercise can calm you.
  4. Sedation: If you think you need something a bit stronger talk with a dentist about possible sedatives you can take to calm you while you are in the dentist chair.

Whatever the reason is that you haven’t been in the dentist chair for years is remember oral health is vital to your over all health and finding a way to get back in is the best choice you can make for your health. If you would like more information on dental options or would like to schedule that first appointment contact the Bissell Dental Group in Denver today!

Regular Dental Cleaning VS Periodontal Maintenance?

perio vs non perioWhat is the difference between a regular routine dental cleaning and a periodontal maintenance cleaning?

Regular Dental cleaning:

A routine cleaning is  performed every 6 months from a professional registered dental hygienist. The patient is present with light to moderate plaque and calculus above the gum line. This cleaning usually includes a routine exam by the doctor to check for cavities, separate appointments must be made afterwards.

Periodontal Maintenance cleaning:

A periodontal maintenance cleaning is performed after a patient has under gone a series of deep scale root planning and curettage from the hygienist.  The patient is then placed on a routine schedule of frequent 3-6 month cleanings, also referred to  as Periodontal Maintenance to maintain the depths of the pockets; which may require the area to be numb to scale the deeper pockets.

If you’re looking for either a regular dental cleaning or periodontal maintenance, contact Bissell Dental today.

What is Periodontal Charting?

Why does the Hygienist call out numbers like 2, 3, 3, 4, 6, and 2 when you’re in for a checkup visit?  Does this mean something or do they not know how to count correctly?

Of course our hygienists know how to count correctly and yes, these numbers do mean something.  The numbers that we’re speaking coincide with periodontal numbers, a way to measure gum tissue health. Otherwise called Periodontal charting, this is a very important aspect in the health of the dental patient.

Periodontal charting essentially measures the where the tissue and the tooth attach. The reason for this is to determine how healthy the gum tissue is around the entire tooth.

A very healthy tooth is 2-3 mm which means that the bone is at a normal and safe level. This means you have good homecare habits and you can stick to your 6 month cleaning schedule with your hygienist.

 Areas that are deeper than 3mm means that you may be at risk for periodontal disease and your cleanings may require a little extra tlc. The periodontal charting is for dental hygienists to keep an accurate record of the depths of your pockets and the health of your gum tissue.

Example 1: Healthy Tissue attachmenthealthy perio charting





Example 2: Periodontal Disease

unhealthy perio charting

How white will my teeth get after I whiten and how long will it last?

This is a great question, and one we receive frequently. The degree of whiteness you reach from whitening and how long it lasts is different for each person. Everyone’s teeth respond differently to the teeth whitening products.

Some people respond very well and teeth can get up to 3-4 shades lighter after just 5-7days of bleaching or up to 5 shades whiter with one ZOOM in office treatment. Others may not notice as much change. Your teeth will continue to lighten for a couple of days even after you stop a whitening session.

Teeth Whitening Results Teeth Whitening Results

Additional Factors that can affect your whitening result:

  • There are different strengths of teeth whitening gel which can affect your whitening results. Normally the stronger the whitening compound, the faster and whiter your results will be, however, beware…the stronger the whitening compound the more risk of temporary tooth and gum sensitivity.
  • How often you touch up whiten at home with your trays.
  • Foods you eat. Foods that are dark green like spinach and kale, and foods such as berries, tomato based sauces.
  • Beverages you drink. Dark colored soda, coffee, colored fruit juices, tea, and red wine.

We recommend you stay away from these products for a few days after a whitening session because your teeth are most susceptible to staining right after whitening.

If you are interested in whitening your smile or have questions regarding your options, procedures available or costs, contact Dr. Bissell’s office today, 303-757-6139. We are happy to answer all your questions.