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Summer Time……Garden Time

Ever think about the benefits of growing your own garden, but no room? Ever consider joining a community garden? Throughout Denver there are many local neighborhood gardens.  The community gardens can serve a variety of purposes. Some gardens grow produce for personal consumption, others for fundraising for schools, charities, low-income neighbors and farmers markets. The benefits of joining a community garden are endless….

  • Strengthen your community by getting to know your neighbors.
  • Sharing knowledge and skills with other gardeners.
  • A retreat from the noise and commotion of urban environments.
  • Make neighborhoods safer by creating a sense of community ownership and a community identity.
  • Give children the opportunity to take pride in learning to grow their own food and provide food to others in the community.

Dr. Bissell maintains a garden at Gove Community Garden. Each day you will find him there after work weeding, watering and chatting it up with fellow gardeners. Bissell Dental Group is proud to sponsor the Urbiculture Community Farms, the community garden in our neighborhood.  We encourage you to get involved with your community garden and share pictures of your garden with us on Facebook.

Bissell Dental Group One of The Top Dentists in Denver

When the panel for 5280 Magazine was deciding between the thousands of dentists in the Denver metro area for the Top Dentists in Denver list they put together a strict list of criteria. They didn’t want to just show you a list of paid ads, but really dive into what makes a dentist office good.

Bissell dental denver top dentists 2014

 Here is the criteria they reviewed and also why Bissell Dental Group was selected.

Experience –

Dr Bissell has 37 years of experience and has seen thousands of patients in that time. In addition to his the rest of the team has a combined 75 years of dental experience. It’s safe to say we know the ins and outs of dentistry by now.

Ongoing Education –

Bissell Dental Group does at least 55 hours of continued education each year! This is an area we extremely dedicated to. As technology and techniques continue to reshape how the dental industry evolves the Bissell Dental Group remains dynamic and ever motivated to improve ourselves and therefore the dental experience of our patients.

Manner –

Bissell Dental has always abided by a simple yet extremely important motto of “treat patients like family.” We use only the procedures we find to be the most effective and do them all the with the care and respect we would give our own family.

Technology –

From diagnostic equipment to treatment planning we at Bissell pride ourselves in evaluating new technology and assessing which additions will really improve the services we give our patients. We will always test a retest new technology to ensure new is actually improved and not just new. We find out what  works for our patients.

Physical Results –

We have had clients with us for over 30 years, they come back because of the service and also for the superior results. Whether you are looking for aesthetic or functional improvements to your smile we will ensure you get both. Smiles speak for themselves and there is a reason most of our business comes as referrals from current clients.


These are the reason’s 5280 magazine selected Bissell Dental to be a top denver dentist so call or come in today to see for yourself how we earned this title.

The 5 Worst Drinks For Your Teeth

The beverages you consume have a huge effect on your oral health. At Bissell Dental Group our patients often ask us for simple ways to improve oral health. The following drinks are commonly consumed by our dental patients and while we know it might be hard to cut out your favorite caffeinated drink, many of these are the worst for your teeth.

 Worst Drinks For Your Teeth Bissell Dental Group

1. Soda –

The combination of sugar and acid makes sodas one of the worst drinks for your teeth and gums, leading to enamel erosion. Dark sodas can also cause staining 

2. Energy Drinks –

Similar to soda, energy drinks have a large amount of sugar and acid, which can erode enamel.

3. Wine –

The tannins in red wine dry out your mouth and stain teeth, white wine is also highly acidic and can erode enamel

4. Coffee –

Coffee is not as acidic as soda, but sugary coffee drinks can lead to cavities and dark coffee will stain your teeth

5. Tea –

dark teas can stain teeth, but are not as erosive as the other beverages on this list


While you may never cut these drinks out of your life completely drink them in moderation, using a straw, and brushing soon after consumption can help keep your teeth healthy and stain free. For more information on general dental care and teeth whitening contact our Denver dentist office today.

4 Simple tips to help you remember to floss | Bissell Dental Group

Are you thinking about the last time you went to the dentist and remembering that dental hygienist’s friendly reminder to floss once a day? Flossing your teeth is one of the oral hygiene steps most commonly forgotten, but there are simple things you can do to stay on that one a day regimen:

1. Give Yourself Variety –

Gone are the days of your only floss option being that waxy tasteless string. Now there are numerous favored flosses, water picks, disposable picks, and floss picks.

2. Keep It Handy –

For those of us constantly on the go, spending 5 minutes on flossing in the bathroom can sound like a chore. Keep your floss or picks in a convenient place like in your car, purse, desk, or bedside table. This way you have easy access to it after lunch, before a meeting, or as you are getting ready for bed.

3. Make It Part of Your Routine –

Wherever you decide to stash some floss make flossing part of your daily routine. If your morning commute has stop lights galore you could floss then. Floss every day after you eat lunch or every night as you get into bed.

4. Create a Reminder –

If the above tips still aren’t working to get you on a regular flossing schedule, create a reminder. Leave a sticky note on your bathroom mirror or set a daily alarm on your cell phone.

For more advice on flossing and other general dental inquiries message us or call the Bissell Dental Office at 303-757-6139. We help Denver feel good about their smile   

Crest Announces 3 Exciting New Toothpaste Flavors

Tired of the same old mint toothpaste flavors available on the market? If you want to spice up your oral health routine, toothpaste brand Crest’s announcement on January 28th is sure to make you smile. Crest is introducing a new line of toothpaste with some rather unique flavors:

– Mint Chocolate Trek
– Lime Spearmint Zest
– Vanilla Mint Spark

Crest Be Toothpastes


It would appear that fun toothpaste flavors are no longer just for kids! Crest’s new toothpaste comes in a whole new line called “Crest Be.” Are these flavors going to peak just your interest or will you actually buy one and try it out? “Crest is always looking at trends to develop products that give consumers a unique yet effective experience,” said Rishi Dhingra, Marketing Director, Procter & Gamble.  

The Crest Be line of toothpaste hits store shelves the first week of February for a retail price of $4.99. Are you going to rush out and buy some chocolate flavored toothpaste or will you let this trend blow over? Let the Bissell Dental team know at your next appointment!