Advanced Technologies

  • SalivaMax : We provide SalivaMax to patients who suffer from an especially dry mouth.

  • SalivaCaine is exceptional for patients going through cancer treatments who develop mouth sores to ease pain.

  • Kovanase is a needle-less anesthetic used when performing specific restorative procedures in adults and children who weigh 40 kg or more.

  • Nitrous Oxide or N2O (laughing gas) is available to relax patients who suffer from anxiety.

  • Oral Id is an advanced flashlight that is used during exams for early detection of oral cancer.

  • Epic X is the latest in laser technology. Epic X decontaminates diseased periodontal pockets, reduces herpetic lesions, apthous ulcers, denture sores, and angular cheilitis.

  • Advanced Scanning takes digital impressions to eliminate the messy, “gaggy” traditional impression trays and also decreases lab time.

  • We utilize digital x-rays which have minimal radiation exposure for our patients.

  • A weighted blanket is available for patients to help reduce anxiety, create feelings of comfort, and help patients relax.