Cost of Cosmetic Dentistry Dental Services

Dental services are among some of the most important services in society. Having a “million-dollar smile” is something that everyone wants, but this attribute is something that most people will never receive. The very things that you do on a daily basis can affect your teeth. Smoking, eating, drinking and a lack of brushing are the main culprits. If you don’t maintain good dental standing, then you’ll definitely start to lose your teeth. Unlike traditional dentistry, cosmetic dentistry focuses on enhancing or correcting the issues of your teeth. Some procedures are rather inexpensive while others can cost a fortune. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures and their costs.

  1. Dental veneers work great for giving you a “Hollywood” smile. This wafer-thin, custom-made shell covers the front of the teeth to improve the appearance. Veneers can also conceal any damage to the teeth. Your dentist will actually shave away some of the tooth’s physical structure, cleanse/prep the area and create a mold by allowing the patient to firmly bit into a mouthpiece that’s full of a glue-like material. The veneer will be made from the imprint. Consumers can expect to pay between $600 – $900 per tooth.
  2. In-house whitening can immediately change the appearance of your teeth. This procedure dramatically brightens teeth that are dull or discolored. This is the most popular form of cosmetic dentistry. Unlike store-bought whitening kits, in-house whitening utilizes high concentrations of bleach and other medical-grade chemicals. The session generally lasts under an hour, but if you have hyper-sensitive gums, your dentist will guide you in the direction of a home whitening kit. In-house whitening can cost between $250 – $500.
  3. Porcelain crowns are heaven sent because they can strengthen and repair damaged teeth. Crowns are similar to veneers, but the actual work is more in-depth. Cavities, chips, and cracks in the teeth will weaken the tooth’s structure over time. Dentists will remove some of the tooth’s structure, cleanse the area, rebuild the structure and cap it off with a crown. This procedure can cost anywhere between $600 – $800 per tooth.
  4. Braces are another popular cosmetic procedure. Though children tend to wear braces the most, adults are now receiving braces for more aesthetic-looking teeth. Braces can come via metal brackets, or they come via clear aligners. Your dentist will choose the best tool for the job. Unlike metal braces, clear braces can be removed at any time. Metal braces costs between $3,000 – $7,000, and clear braces costs between $4,000 – $7,400.
  5. Dental bonding does a great job of covering minor flaws such as cracks, stains, and chips. This procedure can also fill in gaps. Dental bonding is more affordable than other cosmetic procedures as it can cost anywhere between $100 – $400 per tooth.

These are just some of the more popular versions of cosmetic-dental procedures. Of course, your choice in the personal dentist will affect the overall cost as well as affect the amount of damage that your teeth may possess.