Endodontics (Root Canals)

The Bissell Dental Group in Denver uses endodontics (root canal) techniques to save teeth that are decaying, abscessed or dying due to a previous trauma. Trauma causes infected pulp that can affect the health of the tooth’s nerves.

The pulp, or nerve, of a tooth, is found inside microscopic canals within the tooth. These canals also facilitate the flow of nourishing blood throughout the pulp of the tooth.

A root canal procedure is non-surgical and is needed when the pulp becomes infected.   Your tooth may need a root canal (endodontics therapy) if you are experiencing these common symptoms:

  • Swelling
  • Injury or Trauma
  • Cold sensitivity
  • Throbbing or aching pain
  • Hurts to chew or bite down

A root canal is one of the most feared dental procedures, most likely because of a pain the patient endures prior to having the procedure done. When the procedure is done and over, most patients say the root canal treatment is relatively painless.

Success rates for root canal treatment are about 90%, and with proper care, teeth treated with a root canal can last as long as other natural teeth.

When you need a root canal, do not hesitate to call our office at 303-757-6139 or email our team of Denver endodontics experts to find out more about the procedure, what to expect, and how we can help you feel less anxious about the procedure.

Our promise to provide both quality gentle care with an experience reflecting kindness and respect.

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