Regular Dental Cleaning VS Periodontal Maintenance?

What is the difference between a regular routine dental cleaning and a periodontal maintenance cleaning?

Regular Dental cleaning:

A routine cleaning is  performed every 6 months from a professional registered dental hygienist. The patient is present with light to moderate plaque and calculus above the gum line. This cleaning usually includes a routine exam by the doctor to check for cavities, separate appointments must be made afterwards.

Periodontal Maintenance cleaning:

A periodontal maintenance cleaning is performed after a patient has under gone a series of deep scale root planning and curettage from the hygienist.  The patient is then placed on a routine schedule of frequent 3-6 month cleanings, also referred to  as Periodontal Maintenance to maintain the depths of the pockets; which may require the area to be numb to scale the deeper pockets.

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