My Visit to Union Station in Denver

Welcome to Union Station in Denver, Colorado near Bissell Dental Group. I can promise there is more to this beautiful train station than meets the eye. This beautiful and busy building is not only a train station, but it is also the main bus depot that provides fast transportation for passengers who wish to commute from the station right to the airport and other surrounding locations.

The nine rail lines that run in and out of this station trail to 53 other stations along Denver’s Southeast, Southwest, West, and East passageways. These railroads lead to all the epic locations that surround the Denver area. These include the theatre district, the sports arena – Mile High Stadium, the 16th Street Mall, and Park Meadows Mall and Larimer Shopping Center.

The fares to get around are inexpensive and the ride is comfortable and convenient for the everyday commuter or the visitors who are here to roam the city to sightsee. This station also accommodates the Amtrak trains that travel out of the city to other locations such as Chicago and Salt Lake City just to name a few.

The bus routes travel to 125 different locations of the city and if you need to grab a ride somewhere besides the station, you can find many park-n-ride locations spread out through the metro area.


The Union Station in Denver is fairly new. This amazing building finished construction and opened ready for business back in May of 2014 and has been a perfect addition and big help to the lovely people of Denver.

Moreover, this building is expanding with more rail lines being constructed soon. The Union Station building in Denver has truly become the heart of Denver as it was built right in the center of this great city. Easy to locate for the out-of-towners that will more than likely use the rail lines or bus transits to carry them to all their locations while visiting.


As well as the transportation aspect of the station, Union Station can be a fun day out for anyone who would like to just grab a bite to eat, shop, or walk around the station. It has pubs, ice cream shops, coffee houses, and fine dining with award-winning chefs. Can you believe it? It is like a town right in the station.

Not to leave out shopping with a store that you can purchase fine gifts and jewelry, 5 Green Boxes will satisfy you in that department. It also has a floral shop if you care to pick up some flowers for the wife on your way home from work. Do you like books? Well, you can pick up the latest best-seller right in the station.

Furthermore, if you are in town for business or just plain tuckered out from traveling, you can find a most luxurious hotel right there in Union Station. The Crawford Hotel is just a skip away after exiting your train. With comfortable, classic rooms that will invite you to stay a little while.


As you can tell, the Union Station in Denver has been a welcoming place for the citizens of Denver and the surrounding areas, as well as, the travelers from out of town coming into town to catch a Broncos football game or maybe just to visit. It is truly an astounding part of this fine city and is nestled right in the heart of it all.