This is a great question, and one we receive frequently. The degree of whiteness you reach from whitening and how long it lasts is different for each person. Everyone’s teeth respond differently to the teeth whitening products.

Some people respond very well and teeth can get up to 3-4 shades lighter after just 5-7days of bleaching or up to 5 shades whiter with one ZOOM in office treatment. Others may not notice as much change. Your teeth will continue to lighten for a couple of days even after you stop a whitening session.

Teeth Whitening Results Teeth Whitening Results

Additional Factors that can affect your whitening result:

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  • There are different strengths of teeth whitening gel which can affect your whitening results. Normally the stronger the whitening compound, the faster and whiter your results will be, however, beware…the stronger the whitening compound the more risk of temporary tooth and gum sensitivity.
  • How often you touch up whiten at home with your trays.
  • Foods you eat. Foods that are dark green like spinach and kale, and foods such as berries, tomato based sauces.
  • Beverages you drink. Dark colored soda, coffee, colored fruit juices, tea, and red wine.


We recommend you stay away from these products for a few days after a whitening session because your teeth are most susceptible to staining right after whitening.

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If you are interested in whitening your smile or have questions regarding your options, procedures available or costs, contact Dr. Bissell’s office today, 303-757-6139. We are happy to answer all your questions.