Why Red Rocks Ampitheatre is the Best Place to See a Concert

The Red Rocks Amphitheater is in Morrison, Colorado that is approximately 10 miles from Denver. This now famous structure is an open-air live music venue. The area seats up to more than 9,000 people, and the amphitheater sits at over 6,000 feet. It belongs to the Red Rocks Park and operated by the city of Denver.

Two reasons drive people to watch their favorite bands perform at this iconic stage. First, the surrounding area is gorgeous. The colors, the landscape, and the big sky makes anyone feel a tiny bit small out there in the middle of “God’s country.” Secondly, the acoustics for the sound is almost perfect, because of the way the rocks sit and encompass the whole venue, make the music almost magical.

Red Rocks did not start as a significant musical spot for rock bands first. The Ute tribe of American Indians used it for other types of use. However, in 1906, John Brisben Walker looked at the natural configuration and had a vision of artists to use the perfect sound for performances. It took more than nearly 35 years for John’s vision to become a reality. In 1936 the construction began on the future amphitheater, and in 1941 it was officially opened to the public.

For more than 100 years, recitals, acts, and concerts are at Red Rocks. The first one was in 1906 showcasing Pietro Satriano and his brass band. John Brisben Walker put on the show. The most substantial performance to date was the Feast of Lanterns in 1908. It featured multiple military bands and fireworks across various mountains in the park. Everything changed in 1911, when Mary Garden, a famed opera singer, with her musical number sang her sweet songs. She stated that Red Rocks was the best venue she had ever sung at. Since the 1940s, the Easter Sunrise Service is the first performance of every year. It is a non-denominational service that takes place on Easter Sunday.

In 1964, the first rock concert was by the Beatles. Jimi Hendrix performed in 1968. Red Rocks became noted as one of the best locations for any musical sets to show. In 1971, Jethro Tull played at Red Rocks. Unfortunately, due to some upheaval from people with no tickets, the incident became violent, and Denver banned any rock concerts from playing there for the next five years. Jethro Tull went back to play again in 2008 and 2011.

U2 performed in 1983 for their Under a Blood Red Sky album. This live concert was used for their album film as well. Depeche Mode played at Red Rocks four times starting in 1986 and last one which was in 2009. They also used their Red Rocks concert as their film album, Recording the Universe. Get to Red Rocks with the train at Denver Union Station.

The Grateful Dead cites Red Rocks to be perhaps their traditional and most favorite spot. Widespread Panic has the most sold out concerts at 57 as of 2018. The bands Phish and Rush have both quoted that Red Rocks is the most beautiful concert location in all of America, let alone the world.

Red Rocks is one of the most excellent music venues in the whole world. With the stunning views, to the history that surrounds the land and to the perfect sound that carries through the park, this is one concert venue that is indeed to be seen and heard. After an amazing concert, visit Dr. William Bissell at Bissell Dental Group.