Smile Gallery

In this case, the patient was unsatisfied with the appearance of her smile. The before and after pictures below show how we achieved her desired look with cosmetic bonding.

This patient came to our office with a front tooth that needed to be extracted due to infection. We removed the tooth and placed an Implantand restored it with a porcelain crown to match his smile.

The below images are of a patient that was very unhappy with the size and length of her lateral incisors (teeth on both sides of her two front teeth). Porcelain Laminate Veneers were used to create her new smile.

The tooth on the left had a composite filling that was starting to crack and pull away from the tooth, we removed it and placed a new composite filling.

This gentleman was concerned with the aesthetics of his front tooth, this tooth had been treated with root canal therapy and crowned. It was ill-shaped and very yellow in comparison to the surrounding teeth. We first used Zoom in office whitening before placing a new porcelain crown.