Summer Time……Garden Time

Ever think about the benefits of growing your own garden, but no room? Ever consider joining a community garden? Throughout Denver there are many local neighborhood gardens.  The community gardens can serve a variety of purposes. Some gardens grow produce for personal consumption, others for fundraising for schools, charities, low-income neighbors and farmers markets. The benefits of joining a community garden are endless….

  • Strengthen your community by getting to know your neighbors.
  • Sharing knowledge and skills with other gardeners.
  • A retreat from the noise and commotion of urban environments.
  • Make neighborhoods safer by creating a sense of community ownership and a community identity.
  • Give children the opportunity to take pride in learning to grow their own food and provide food to others in the community.

Dr. Bissell maintains a garden at Gove Community Garden. Each day you will find him there after work weeding, watering and chatting it up with fellow gardeners. Bissell Dental Group is proud to sponsor the Urbiculture Community Farms, the community garden in our neighborhood.  We encourage you to get involved with your community garden and share pictures of your garden with us on Facebook.

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