4 Simple tips to help you remember to floss | Bissell Dental Group

Are you thinking about the last time you went to the dentist and remembering that dental hygienist’s friendly reminder to floss once a day? Flossing your teeth is one of the oral hygiene steps most commonly forgotten, but there are simple things you can do to stay on that one a day regimen:

1. Give Yourself Variety –

Gone are the days of your only floss option being that waxy tasteless string. Now there are numerous favored flosses, water picks, disposable picks, and floss picks.

2. Keep It Handy –

For those of us constantly on the go, spending 5 minutes on flossing in the bathroom can sound like a chore. Keep your floss or picks in a convenient place like in your car, purse, desk, or bedside table. This way you have easy access to it after lunch, before a meeting, or as you are getting ready for bed.

3. Make It Part of Your Routine –

Wherever you decide to stash some floss make flossing part of your daily routine. If your morning commute has stop lights galore you could floss then. Floss every day after you eat lunch or every night as you get into bed.

4. Create a Reminder –

If the above tips still aren’t working to get you on a regular flossing schedule, create a reminder. Leave a sticky note on your bathroom mirror or set a daily alarm on your cell phone.

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