Giving Back to our Community and Beyond – Bissell Dental Provides Dental Services to Those in Need

On the front page of our website you will see a quote which states “At the Bissell Dental Group we are passionate about oral health and creating beautiful smiles.”  We treat our patients like they are family and provide only the best dental care to each of them.  Throughout the year we reach outside the bounds of our practice to help those in need, both within our Denver community and abroad.

Bissell Dental Group donates dental services to the Dental Lifeline Network through the Donated Dental Services program.  Through this important project, dentists donate comprehensive care to people who cannot afford needed treatment because they have a permanent disability, are elderly or medically at-risk.  Each year we work hand in hand with specialists and labs who also donate services to provide restored oral health and beautiful smiles to special patients.

Dr. Bissell is a member of the Cherry Creek Rotary Club.  Dr. Bissell and Patti (our hygienist) take part in the Rotary’s Mission trip each year which travels abroad to provide dental services to poverty stricken areas in Panama, Nicaragua, Chile, Ecuador, and Argentina.  Rotarian Dentists, hygienists and support staff from across the United States gather donated supplies from their vendors, donate their services, vacation time and expenses to help adults and children who have no access to dental care.  Most of the patients have never been to a dentist, but have never held a toothbrush and need to be taught how to use it.  Often times the patients need to have multiple teeth extracted followed by comprehensive oral hygiene instruction to being the journey to good oral health.

Bissell Dental Group enjoys participating in many smaller local activities throughout the year such as the Rocky Mountain Food Banks holiday food drive, Thanksgiving Food basket donations to local low-income schools, and the Rocky Mountain Harley Davidson Annual Toy Run.  Giving back feels GOOD and is FUN!