The Connection Between Oral Health & General Health

Several months ago we had a new patient referred to our office by her physician. She was making an active move to get healthy and stay healthy so she could enjoy her grandchildren for a long, long time. As part of this health clean up her physician advised her to come see us and have her oral health issues addressed.

She was not able to chew properly, had several infected teeth, inflamed gums and chronic bad breath. She had been eating and talking with her hand over her mouth as she was embarrassed to have people see her mouth, she had become unsocial in a social world. With her eagerness to change, we were happy to work in coordination with a Periodontist, Oral Surgeon and her medical physician.

She now has a healthy mouth, healthy body and beautiful, bright smile.

Until the mid 70’s we believed that the mind, body and mouth were separated entities, and we treated them as such. Since then much research has been done to prove that theory inaccurate. We now know that the health of each of these entities is co-dependant on each other. Good oral health plays a significant role in the overall health of our minds and bodies, and vice versa.

At Bissell Dental Group we strive to educate our patients on the importance of maintaining excellent oral health and are happy to coordinate services with your physician and other dental professionals to ensure you are receiving the best overall treatment.

We treat our patients like family and want you to all live long, happy lives full of beautiful smiles!

If you want to improve your overall health starting with your oral health please give us a ring at The Bissell Dental Group we’ll be happy to get you started.  Our phone number is (303) 757-6139 or you can contact us by email here.