The Importance of Restorative Dentistry: A Guide to Improving Your Smile


Want to improve your smile? Restorative dentistry can help to brighten your smile by repairing and restoring teeth.

Restorative dentistry also goes beyond the cosmetic appearance of a better smile. In this article, you will learn the importance of restorative dentistry.

Enhanced Oral Health

Healthy teeth assist with oral health. Since restorative dentistry repairs and restores teeth, it directly impacts your oral health. Neglecting oral care leads to oral diseases such as cavities and gingivitis.

Robust oral health leads to a healthy body. If you fall behind on teeth cleaning, restorative dentistry can put you back on the right track.

Less Vulnerability to Top Diseases

Poor oral health also puts our systemic health in danger. It leaves us more vulnerable to heart disease, diabetes, and other notable diseases. Most people don’t associate unclean teeth with these diseases, but a connection exists.

A lack of oral care enables bacteria build-up. While it starts in your teeth, the bacteria can travel anywhere in your body. Some of these microorganisms can make their way to your heart and other vital organs. These problems take time to surface, however you don’t want to detect them when it’s too late. By taking care of your oral health regularly, you can keep the harmful bacteria at bay.

Saving and Replacing Teeth

The most apparent benefit of restorative dentistry is saving and replacing teeth. The sooner you seek treatment, the more likely you are to preserve damaged teeth.

In some instances, a tooth is unrecoverable. However, you still need teeth to chew and digest food. Teeth also help us speak clearly.

Restorative dentistry replaces any gaps to preserve our functionality. Replacing teeth is better than letting gaps linger and grow over time.

Slow Down the Aging Process

Problems with your teeth can speed up the aging process. Issues with oral health can affect your appearance.

Your remaining teeth can get discolored due to a lack of care. Missing and damaged teeth can weaken your face muscles. Weakened facial muscles will slump inward.

Restorative dentistry addresses this cosmetic issue by making your teeth healthier and improving your jawbone. A healthy jawbone will give you a younger look.

Restorative dentistry can save you from facial surgeries to preserve that youthful look. At Bissell Dental Group, we focus on preservation and function rather than quick fixes. We also want to give you the most beautiful smile possible, and to do that we start with improving form and function.

Types of Restorative Dentistry

There are several procedures that are considered ‘restorative dentistry’ and most of them will improve the appearance of your smile at the same time, which gives you the benefit of ‘cosmetic dentistry’.

Restorative dentistry involves preserving your natural teeth with common procedures and treatments to make your smile look and feel new again. Common examples of these procedures include:

Don’t Take The Health of Your Mouth for Granted

Cleaning your teeth multiple times per day and going to the dentist regularly will keep them healthy. However, some people begin their journey after years of neglect, so restorative dentistry can steer them back on the right path.

You should still prioritize teeth cleanliness after you receive restorative dentistry to helps with cosmetics appearance and oral functionality.

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