Why You Don’t Need to Fear the Dentist

You may not have been to the dentist in years, and for some it is because of lack of dental insurance or just a busy life style but for many it is just an experience avoided at all costs. At Bissell Dental group we have seen a variety of patients over the years that fear the dentist and are trying to get back into the chair again. 

Here are a few things to remember when you are debating whether or not to try going to the dentist again:

  1. Find the Right Dentist: Not all dentists are the same and you should find a dentist who understands your fears and is patient enough to work with you.
  2. Advancements in Medicine: Technology has also advanced dentistry, if you had a bad experience as a child odds are most of the machines dentists use now will look foreign to you. Much less invasive, painful and time consuming thanks to technology.
  3. Sooth & Calm: Practicing calming techniques before you go to the dentist, yoga and breathing exercise can calm you.
  4. Sedation: If you think you need something a bit stronger talk with a dentist about possible sedatives you can take to calm you while you are in the dentist chair.

Whatever the reason is that you haven’t been in the dentist chair for years is remember oral health is vital to your over all health and finding a way to get back in is the best choice you can make for your health. If you would like more information on dental options or would like to schedule that first appointment contact the Bissell Dental Group in Denver today!