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Bissell Dental Group Takes Pride in Their High Success Rates for Implant Dentistry

Dental implants are our preferred option for replacing missing teeth. Our patients from Bissell Dental Group rave about how natural they appear when they smile. We also love knowing that implants are easier to take care of than other types of tooth replacement options. Although bridges and traditional dentures still have value in the dental field, implants simply outperform them when it comes to aesthetics, functionality, and our patient’s long-term satisfaction.

dental implant differs from other types of artificial teeth by replacing the root that is removed during extraction. Using the post to recreate some of the same stimulation that the root once provided allows you to retain more of your jaw bone so that you don’t develop the sunken-in look that sometimes occurs with dentures. The post also creates a permanent bond to the bone that makes it feel much like a natural tooth. After the initial recovery period, most people no longer notice their implants as being different from the other teeth in their mouth.

We believe that choosing dental implants requires some serious decision-making. Implant posts can be removed if it becomes necessary, but we prefer to view them as permanent. This is why we spend time during our patient’s first consultation for implants going over every detail that they need to know. Once we’ve settled on implants, we can then move forward with confidence that they will be satisfied with their decision.

Our specialized implant dentistry techniques also help to make sure that the surgically implanted posts work precisely as they should. Dr. William Bissell takes his time to assess the condition of each patient’s mouth carefully. He takes note of issues such as gum disease that could interfere with the healing process. If necessary, he recommends treating severe gum disease before starting the implants so that our patients have a lower risk of infection occurring at the implant site.

Once the implants are placed, we then spend time with our patients to help them understand their role in assisting the surgical site in healing. We provide printed instructions to make sure that they remember what to do when they return home, and we always schedule a follow-up appointment to check for the early signs of problems such as an infection.

We also view each patient’s implants as a valuable way to preserve their oral health. With the implant in place, we no longer have to worry about the teeth shifting into a gap or trapping food. During the follow-up visits, we encourage patients to talk to us about their oral hygiene routine. We can then show them how to floss correctly around the posts to prevent gum disease. Since caring for the implants is as easy as following their regular hygiene routine, our patients find that it is easy to do their part to maintain a bright and healthy smile.

This careful combination of patient communication combined with Dr. Bissell’s expertise makes it possible for us to say that Bissell Dental Group has a 98 percent success rate for implant dentistry. This means that our patients make it through the initial recovery period with very few infections, and the majority of our patients maintain their implants for many years.

It is very common for the implants to last a lifetime, which is a goal that we continue to strive for with every patient that comes to our office. We are proud to give Denver residents the best chances for implant success, and we look forward to continuing to provide the same high level of care and attention to each patient that makes us stand out in the field of dentistry.

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